Tracking Devices

Vehicle and Asset Tracking Products

Tracking systems allow you to track vehicles and assets in real-time. The tracking system sends alerts and notifications to prevent theft and can also provide reports and analyses.

A vehicle tracking system can monitor both a vehicle and also its driver. Fleetbusters’ tracking system provides a live map which is updated almost in real-time. As well as locating a vehicle, our trackers can also alert you to non-compliant driver behaviour to allow you to monitor driver perfomance and legal compliance.

TNT1000 Track & Trace Devices

  • Affordable and effective GPS tracking
  • Discreet installation
  • Multi-roaming SIM; No blackspots!

TNT1300 Track & Trace Devices

  • Ideal for trailers, skips, etc.
  • Up to 5 years battery life
  • Improves efficiency, accuracy & reliability of supply chain
  • IP67 weather proof rating

Thatcham Products

Vehicle Recoveries

Total Recoveries For 2020
Total Amount recovered in 2020
£ 0
Total Amount recovered wiithin 2019
£ 0

Locations of the most vehicle thefts

January 2020

Recoveries For January
Land Rovers

Most highly sought after vehicle recovered in January

worth of vehicles recovered in January
£ 0
4x4s Recovered
Plant Recovered
Cars Recovered
Vans Recovered

Sucess Stories for the Month

Mercedes C Class stolen.

Police chased through Manchester and the vehicle ended up crashing – no one was injured.

Land Rover Discovery theft led the Police to an operational chop shop with a number of vehicle located.

Greater Manchester

A selection of vehicles that were recovered in January

Range Rover SVA
Porsche 911 GT3

Mercedes C350
Mercedes Sprinter
Kubota U27-4


Fleetbusters Ltd is an independent vehicle sourcing and funding specialist for Business and Personal customers alike. Whether your preference is to lease or direct purchase we can assist from selection to delivery to your door.


Leasing a car means that essentially you rent a vehicle for an agreed amount of time for an agreed fixed fee. Whether you are leasing for yourself or a business we can offer a whole lot more than purchasing outright.


Purchasing however still has benefits in its own right; we can assist by sourcing the best deal for you whether that is selection of the vehicle to finding the right funding that suits your own